Thinking about the safety and well-being of its employees, Fagundes constantly invests in the safety of work, in the prevention of risks or dangers.
Safety as prevention still allows for more organized work. This not only prevents accidents, but also makes the environment more pleasant, without affecting production processes.
More than obligatory, but a priority, because preventing accidents and acting safely is valuing life.

Safety Policies
Nothing is more important that acting and living safely and at Fagundes safety is a value that is present in everyday life of each professional. Warning and protecting each other, avoiding risks, hazards or loss is a priority and a commitment of all, that is why Fagundes uses the NBR ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 rules.
The preventive posture of the company is highly efficient, breaking records and reaching goals over 3000 days without accidents in which people need to be out of work.
Internal Security Campaign
Nothing is more important than acting and living safely. That is why at Fagundes security is much more than a priority, it is an essential item. It is present in the actions and attitudes of each company`s professional.
The idea of security is spread through internal campaigns as "Your life safety", which pluralizes this concept among the company`s professionals. Always choose the best way, it is, the safest one, is the guarantee to go back home, to their families.