Policy of SGI
Integrated Management System
"Meeting customer's expectations with total quality and efficiency, searching for continuous improvement in the provision of leasing and operation of heavy equipment, earthwork and extracting from mineral deposits, ensuring a safe and healthy work place in harmony with the environment." Fagundes assumes the responsibility and obligation of providing their employees with the necessary resources so that this policy will be effectively followed with the following purposes: 

Continuous improvement of integrated management system in our productive processes;
Being in accordance to the integrated management system;
Efficiency in the services provided meeting customers' expectations.
Security and Occupational Health:
Preventing and controlling incidents and professional illnesses in accordance with the current laws;
Contributing with the knowledge, enabling and committing all employees and hired professionals in the company in order to reach high performance in security and health through constant conversation with employees and the local communities;
The continuous improvement of integrated management system in our processes of identifying hazards, risk evaluations and Control Measurements is part of it.

Incentivize education and preservation of the environment to the employees and the communities we interact with;
Efficiency of the System if integrated management meeting customer's demands and legal requirements;
Prevent pollution through the reduction of atmospheric emissions and generation of debris, minimizing, this way, the impact that follows our operations.