“Establishing partnerships with customers, identifying their desires and their needs and guarantying their complete satisfaction.” 
In order to do that, Fagundes compromises to
Offer the best and most comprehensive solutions for all kinds of work;
Excel for quality, safety and efficiency in performing the tasks; 
Invest constantly in safety and technology;
Be always ahead of competitors with competitive prices;
Establish ties of continuous partnerships with customers and suppliers;
Preserve the environment, as a basis for the development of a better world, exercising the practice of their values; 
“The complete satisfaction of our customers is the principle and the purpose of our activities.” 
“Employees and company constitute a big family that bases on the mutual union and progress.” 
“Everyone in the company must employ continuous efforts in order to maintain and improve the quality of our services.” 
“Physical safety and integrity of the group are responsibility of every person in the company.” 
“The environment is source of life for humankind; our actions must always be thought in order to preserve it.”