Founded in May 1985, Fagundes Construction and Mining S.A is considered today among the largest companies in the provision of mining services, construction of dams, earthworks, road construction, complementary works, leasing and operation of heavy equipment for all Brazil.
Through its founder José Alencar Fagundes, who saw that through the ground could realize many dreams, decided to go ahead, towards something bigger.
The great change in the history of Fagundes came in a few years, through the strength and will of a united family, who knew how to extract from the difficulties great opportunities, renewing themselves and improving more every day, always invested in innovation, technology and especially, people.
Each professional, every work done at Fagundes is reflected through a teamwork, which excels in quality, which transports life and draws from the ground the evolution, taking with it the strong brand of a dream that began in the city of Portão / RS.
Solutions, transparency and excellence are basic principles for Fagundes, which maintains solidity in an increasingly competitive market.
In all these years Fagundes has established itself as one of the most complete service providers in its segment in the country.
Its quality in services is strengthened through the five pillars of the company's management: people, production capacity, operational excellence, innovation and sustainability, which provide Fagundes with a high standard of services, enabling it to remain in constant expansion, always focusing on total customer satisfaction.