The extraction of natural sand has been generating great environmental impact because most part of this material is removed from lowlands and river banks. The removal of sand from a river harms their natural gutter, leads to a rise in the flow of water and speeds the process o f erosion in the banks. The extraction in lowlands provokes trough which results in lakes – proper for the proliferation of dengue mosquitoes. Besides that, they take away the vegetation cap from these areas and make the soil sterile. 
On the other hand, the growing urbanization is leading to sterilization or restriction of exploration of important natural sand deposits. Environmental restrictions are resulting in the migration of miners to places farther and farther from the consumer market, which increases the final price of the product  reaching 75% of the final price of sand and 30% of gravel. In order to minimize the great environment impact and overcome the problems of high freight costs, new equipment has been developed in order to produce artificial sand from crushed rock. The production is obtained through modern impact type crushers of vertical VSI axis and , after a later  clean technological treatment, the product  partially replaces the natural sand. The new alternative also leads to the obtaining of a type of sand  with steady physical and chemical characteristics and decreases the amount of cement needed for the preparation of concrete. 
Particle size distribution, cubic rounded shape, mechanical strength, stability of particles and absence of impurities are characteristics that enable the use of artificial sand in blocks, precast concrete and asphalt structures, simple floor, articulated floor, among others.
The fine aggregate passing a sieve 9/64 "(3.572 mm), used on the base for paving with concrete blocks (paver) and in the production of crushed stone, partially replaces the natural sand, enables the investment, greater resistance to the concrete and contributes to preserve the environment, creates more strength for the concrete and helps to protect the environment.
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